Manage Subcontractors

To create and maintain a truly national or global service contractor network is a complex and time-consuming
ongoing task and cannot be considered as core to any organizations business, yet it must be done in timely and efficient manner to ensure proper governance and to facilitate territory coverage leading to revenue growth.

Subcontractors are not all equal. Their capabilities vary widely based on the industry they serve, their
associated certification and insurance coverage, their technical capabilities, their staffing levels and resource
capability and of course their geographic coverage.

By using the Beehiive platform, your business can simplify the management of subcontractors, streamline the onboarding process and maintain an appropriate level of service network coverage.

Each subcontractor has their own access to the Beehiive platform and as part of the self-registration process
they are required to create and maintain an accurate business profile. Subcontractors are;

  •  Aligned with pricing over-rides for fixed fee services,

  •  To provide supplementary points of contact,

  •  Identify additional service outlets,

  •  Provide licencing credentials, insurance and compliance information,

  •  Detail brand or product specialisations,

  •  Identify contracts they agree to work on.

To aid in resourcing, the number of employees each subcontractor has available and the days of the week
worked are recorded to ensure capacity to carry out work. Each subcontractor can enter availability schedules
into Beehiive to ensure they do not receive work when they are on leave or operating at reduced capacity.


When managing a large network of subcontractors, it pays to have a system that they can update.

Profile each Subcontractor

All subcontractors are not the same. The Beehiive platform ensures each subcontractor can customise their
profile to reflect the size, scope of works, number of trading locations and type of work they undertake.

In addition, consumers can review and rate a subcontractor based on their satisfaction with the quality of the
delivery of the service. Since reviews are by their nature, not anonymous, consumers tend to be more honest
with their feedback when compared to other mechanisms.

Licencing and Insurance Checks

As part of the onboarding process, subontractors upload their licencing and insurance details into Beehiive
with expiry dates. As part of the process, your service delivery coordinators are then prompted to validate the
information and associated expiry dates within Beehiive. Over time, the Beehiive platform alerts both the
subcontractor and service centre management when compliance, licencing and insurances are approaching
expiration dates. Subcontractors with expired credentials are prevented from being allocated service deliver
tasks. This automated #Governance process ensures that unaccredited subcontractors cannot undertake
service delivery tasks on behalf of your business and therefore mitigates the risk associated with non-
compliant work.

Contractors Self-Manage

As your business grows the cost of maintaining service provider information increases placing an unnecessary financial load on your business. By automating these underlying processes aligning them to good corporate governance policy, Beehiive mitigates risk. Subcontractors are encouraged to self-manage their profile and bid for contracts in the system., thereby increasing internal competition and broadening geographical coverage.

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