Inventory Management

Beehiive is a true job management system. Part SKU's are loaded into the Beehiive platform with a relationship to every model or product where the SKU is valid as a part. Call centre, technical support and service personnel can order parts from Beehiive based on the product being serviced. Beehiive integrates into your business current inventory system to order parts and update stock availability. Beehiive can track the pick / dispatch timeliness for parts on each job as well as issue alerts to users of low stock and out of stock parts issues. Beehiive also tracks jobs where parts are on back order, faulty, or sitting out of stock with no re-order. If
required Beehiive can automatically send orders to any warehouse, office or person by auto email.

Beehiive integrates with
Warehouse Platform
Use Your Warehouse Platform of Choice

Why change your warehouse platform for a Job Management System? Get the best of every system
you can, customise your complete business solution with a best in market approach. We believe
Beehiive to be the best and most affordable Job Management System available and with our #BPO
integrations for Unleashed you will have a world class business solution and competitive edge.

Order Inventory from Job Site
Order Inventory From Job Site - Digitalization

Subcontractors can order parts from a job site without referencing service manuals. Speed up your
business’ service delivery with real-time parts ordering and stock availability updates on site. Return
Authority (RA) requests can also be sent from the work site when a product is deemed defective
under warranty and requires replacement. Once approved, this stock is ordered from the most
relevant warehouse to keep a consistent approach to Beehiive's processes.

Track Low and Out of Stock SKU
Track Low Out of Stock Parts - IPA

Beehiive will alert the service person of stock levels whilst onsite. Beehiive also updates warehouse
and parts ordering departments of low and out of stock items. Integration to your inventory system of
choice can be configured to provide the information your business and its customer service teams need at its fingertips.