Field Service CRM

Beehiive can manage services in the workshop, office or field environment. The more difficult scenario is field service and Beehiive streamlines this service scenario using a feed from multiple Geo-Location providers.

When booking jobs live travel time to site and the driving distance are viewed.

Your network of service providers available are displayed on a map with scorers so you can choose whom to use or the system will auto-select if required.

Beehiive now sends a pre-scripted text and email to the customer organising the service appointment.

The service provider can review Beehiive for service tips or technical documents before arriving onsite, they may order parts before attending site or your tech team may elect to review the job and send parts or a product to the service provider before they attend site.
Everyone works in Beehiive updating jobs with notes and the system sends text/emails updating a log of what it is doing to manage the job for you too.

There are no job statuses Beehiive works it out and monitors the timeline. From job site, the repairer can order part/s for the product, if Beehiive is pre-loaded with the product's parts list a drop-down with parts description will be available to simplify part/s selection.

With parts on order, Beehiive can update the customer at points throughout the remainder of the service process by email or text.

Beehiive manages and simplifies the customer and service provider experience and with a log of all events and notes into one portal for staff, management, stores, clients, factories and anyone with access credentials
to view everyone has LIVE updates for the service case.

All Stakeholders Updated
All Stakeholders Updated

Beehiive is the point of reference and used to manage the Customer Relationship throughout the life of the service order. Post job completion log notes can still be updated. Multiple staff can manage any service case with valid and updated case notes.

Customer Contact Branded
Customer Contact Branded

Systemised Scripted Branding for emails and texts can be customised for multiple products, brands and contracts.

Log Notes & System Emails
Log Notes & System Emails

Any customer concerns or site issues can be relayed to the service provider by the customer service team to ensure they are updated and vice versa. With all communication systemised everyone with system access to the service case will be informed.

Whilst field services can be delivered in a workshop, office or on site, there is no doubting that it is the third of these options – on site – that is the most complex to manage.

End consumers want several things – to know how much a service task will cost, how long it will take to complete the service and when servicing will commence. Failure to address these things results in increased stress for the customer and as a result, a loss of patience with the service organization.

Conversely, the service provider must consider a number of external factors including accessibility to the repair site, travel time from the service depot and availability of spare parts if successful problem diagnosis has already happened.

Beehiive addresses these external factors in a manner likely to improve
service and maintain customer satisfaction.

Beehiive maintains a timeline for each service request in the system and as such manages each request against a set of predetermined KPIs. Management and service agents are automatically alerted to escalations arising from missed KPIs. Any authorised person can record notes against the service job to highlight actions taken e.g. attempts to contact the end consumer.

Furthermore, service agents are allocated to the service request based on capacity to deliver, capability and skills set, certification and travel time to site. Beehiive offers the option to provide customers with scheduling updates based on traditional approaches such as meridian scheduling, or more real-time notification of arrival times for field service engineers.