Feature List

Features that empower your business

Customer Management

Customer details

Customer address

Previous customer tracking and relationship management

Customer equipment/product inventory

Job requirements and details

Custom fields

Customer feedback to Beehiive

Customer messaging text/email

Customer portal

Job Management

Customizable job types

Customizable job templates


Conflict detection

​Assignment and dispatch

Recurring jobs

Multi-technician jobs

Projects (multi-job mode)

Maps and directions

Live job KPI tracking



Retailer/ Client Portal

Book service from a retail store or client's office

Build IP into portal for Store/Client service alignment

Branded solution

LIVE data for Store/Client available to track job process

Update/view job notes

Access to Sub-Contractor details if required

Create job pricing for retailer/store

Job Scheduling Optimization

Automatic or Manual scheduling

Sub-Contractor/Customer relationship management

Select Sub-Contractor by Skillset & Licencing Compliance

Working hours and holidays are systemised

Customer location & field worker availability

System Sub-Contractor capacity tracker

Time in motion tracking


Create a paperless office

Create invoices

Generate Recipient Created Tax Invoices

Audit and approval process for Closed Job prior to invoice

Export invoices in .csv format

Free Quickbooks API

Free Xero API


Resource Management

Library for manuals & materials

Products, parts and standard services systemised

Sub-Contractor availability

Licencing and credentials pages

Product or brand specific notifications

Field Management

Mobile client (iOS, Android)

Destination maps and directions

Message and email from jobsite

Job notification

Add/update documents, photos, notes

Order parts in the field

Access library or parts breakdown in field

Create, suspend or decline a job in the field

Administration and Configuration

User management

Group management

Skills & working hours


Data import & export (jobs, customers, catalog, users, etc.)

Custom fields

Customizable reports

Customizable data exports

API Access

API for on-premise integration or software integrators

Retrieve information via API: jobs, customers, invoices, etc.

Create customers, jobs, etc.



Real-time Notifications


Mobile devices