The use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing
opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business – Gartner.

Increasingly consumers want to be able to purchase goods and services online in a single transaction and to
know that the services associated with a purchase will be delivered, on time, on budget and for a pre-agreed
upfront cost.


By implementing digitalization strategies using Beehiive Software, businesses can transform traditional trade
services delivery into a key differentiator. The Beehiive platform delivers digitalization of traditional trade
services processes through intelligent process automation. With Beehiive, consumers and businesses alike can order the delivery of services to support a product purchase, repair or maintenance request independent of platform be it a mobile phone, tablet, PC or kiosk style terminal.

Digitalization - Business

Businesses want to open up new channels for consumer loyalty and retention whilst streamlining workflow,
generating additional incremental revenue and reducing costs. Using the Beehiive platform, businesses can
allocate service requests, define scope of work with associated terms and conditions and even capture
consumer satisfaction surveys.

Digitalization - Subcontractor

Service contractors often want to focus on cash-flow generating service delivery and avoid as much of the
overheads associated with running their own business such as invoicing and lead generation. Subcontractors
can capture details associated with work completed, issue compliance certificates and adjust service scope of service delivery with consumer acceptance or order spare parts in-field.

Digitalization - Consumer

As business raise the bar with digitalization, rising consumer expectation leads to the demand for ever higher
levels of online capability. Where it was once enough to provide the option to purchase a product online,
consumers now demand the ability to purchase installation services or track warranty claims twenty-four
hours a day.

The Beehiive consumer portal enables efficient logging and tracking by all users looking to book or follow the
progression of service requests. Courier tracking is available when parts, products or accessories are shipped
to customers or stores.